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The 7 Netflix Shows You Should Be Watching

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably streaming content 24/7. This is what I like to call ignoring my life responsibilities by instead focusing on my television. One day I might just have an intervention for binge watching. I hate to brag but this officially means I’m an expert at watching shows, like why hasn’t a prestigious school like the University of Toledo asked me to give a commencement speech and provide me with my doctorate in binge watching. If there are classes dedicated to the philosophical break down of the Harry Potter series, why isn’t there a doctorate for consumption of moving pictures and sounds. The education system is a total let down. I went to college, do you know what it got me? An unbearable amount of debt and still not enough education to get me a proper job interview. Well that was quite the tangent that literally went nowhere but now you know how it feels inside my brain. Essentially useless.


You know that this streaming has actually given me? A gift. What kind of gift? The gift of suggesting really great shows and movies that you probably haven’t heard of or have just put off watching and THIS is your sign. Ignore your responsibilities, ignore your other interests, treat yourself and take some you time to catch up on some really great titles.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

(Feel Good Comedy Movie)

If you’e looking for a feel good movie that makes you laugh and cry, Hunt for the Wilderpeople is hands down the movie for you. The first week I had seen this movie I watched it three times and it kind of reminds me of Forrest Gump when it comes to re-watching ability. Just as good the 10th time as it is the first. Plus hand down Taika Watiti is one of the best directors of this decade and he smashes it out of the park with this one (Side note: if you haven’t seen What We Do in the Shadows we’re not friends).


(Feel-good comedy show)

I’m not gonna lie as a huge Ricky Gervais fan I was a little worried to start this show. I wasn’t sure wha the tone of Derek would be, but I can honestly say this is one of the best television shows ever created. You will not cry but sob. Every. Single. Episode. And you’ll also laugh your ass off.

It’s one of the most beautifully written shows that will remind you that humanity is worth fighting for and there are good people in the world everywhere.

Derry Girls

(Comedy show)

Derry girls is probably the best written teenage comedy shows I’ve seen in a hot minute. Usually the way adults try to write teenagers its cringe central, but this is HYSTERICAL. Derry Girls takes place in Ireland during The Troubles. It’s such an interesting perspective from a youth point of view on the conflict they were facing. The teens also tend to get themselves into awkward encounters on the regular but the jokes will make your gut hurt. Plus you’ll definitely relate to at least one of the girls in the group and they’ll become your beacon of light when dealing with your own friend group. Plus, if you love Bridgerton you’ll be excited to see Penelope Featherington as Clare who is low key one of my favs on the show. I want to be a Michelle but if I’m honest I’m more of a Orla. (Don’t judge me people do this with the Golden Girls all the time).

Derren Brown The Push

(Psychological documentary)

THIS IS A NAIL-BIGHTER OF A SHOW. I think I lost my mind watching this special. It’s a giant social experiment played out by real people being manipulated by actors to see if you can make someone commit a murder. It’s a really quick watch and it’s just the one episode but I physically got off the couch to pace and scream at my television multiple times.

Blown Away

(Reality Competition Show)

If you like reality competition shows this is one of my favorites (apart from RuPauls Drag Race obviously). This reality show is based around one of my absolute most favorite things in the entire world, glassblowing. Its beautiful to watch these masters show off their art, but the heartbreak of a piece breaking right before time limits will continuously break your heart. I appreciate this show because its a reality competition show with low cast drama.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

(Comedy Movie)

It actually infuriates me how few people have seen this movie. Without a doubt this is my favorite Will Ferrel Movie and Rachel McAdams is who I strive to be in this movie. As someone who’s a fan of the realT Eurovision (remember that’s where ABBA came from) this movie brings me so much joy and is just so funny while still having a really good emotional storyline. Perfect balance of rom com and straight up comedy. PLUS GRAHAM NORTON. I mean come on anything with Graham Norton is a win in my book. (If you don’t watch the Graham Norton Show you’ve never seen a good interview in your life.)

About Time

(Love Story, Movie)

About Time is the best love story you’ve probably never seen. As someone who has read The Time Traveler’s Wife about 600 times at this point and was obsessed with Rachel McAdams in the film I was like there’s no way she can top that. And as much as it kills me to say anything was better than The Time Travelr’s Wife, even I have to admit this takes the cake. Not only is a love story between a man and the women he loves, but also a touching nod to the bond between father and son. I remember when it ended I sighed woah and new I had just seen a very special story.

Sometimes when I watch something really good I actually get sad. I get upset over the fact that I’ll never be able to have the same feeling as watching an epic story for the first time. About Time was one of those movies. Man I wish I knew what word describes that feeling! Anyway I hope you like the list of my first suggestions, got any you would include? Maybe it will make my list next time….

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