I got to interview Surfaces and I totally geeked out!

During the quarantine I was able to sit down and talk to Surfaces about their music and plan for the future once things go back to normal. I'm not gonna lie, I'm kind of obsessed with them and it was super hard to control my geeked-out-ness, and yes that's now I word, I declare it, and if Michael Scott can do it so can I.

Now the first time I heard Sunday's Best I listened to it no lie maybe 40 times, I didn't stop until I knew every single word. My dad even learned the lyrics because of how often I would sing it, I just couldn't stop! It's the positive vibes to instantly uplift your outlook and get you dancing (or in my case off beat head bobbing).

If you've never heard Sunday's Best- quick question have you been hiding under a rock or do you just hate you life? Just kidding I got you covered listen here:

And now to meet the guys, also please don't judge how bad I am at online conferences and how nerdy I am. Thank you in advance hahaha.

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