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I'm Addressing the Rumors.

I think it's about time that I address the rumors...

yes I did click bait you into this. AND I'M HONESTLY SORRY ABOUT IT

But as some of you may realize, it's not my fault.

I decided to jump on the YouTube bandwagon and ask people what they assume about me online and confirm or deny if their assumptions are true. Now this has been going on YouTube for weeks, with the title addressing the rumors, which is why some people (who already guessed) won't be surprised by this podcast.

So in order to surprise those people who thought they were ahead of the game, I'm not actually addressing the assumptions about me.... Scott Mick is.


I know it's way more exciting that just hearing me ramble about bullshit, you can learn that I get it all from him and that he did a terrible job of raising me.

So to address all of the negatives, I present to you my not caring and not loving father... Scott Mick

(heads up the podcast isn't edited for language and you're gonna find out that my dad and I are super close and I'm literally a clone of him)

Also send me nice things to pass along to him in the comments section he didn't want to do this but I told him how much you all love him so he agreed.

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