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Kickoff Your Weekend with a Bad Ass Female Playlist

****Warning Not Edited For Language****

So, I've been thinking recently about questions I get asked a lot, one of the most asked is, "do you like the music you play"?

The answer is yes... and a lot more.

I like obscure things and random music. Old and new, popular and not so much.

While I was thinking about this I was also thinking, hell I bet a lot of other people probably like this too, so lets kickoff the weekend with some of my favorite music and this week we're doing bad ass ladies of music.

First let's get into some Ariana Grande, she just dropped her new album Thank You, Next and I have one word for it: OBSESSED.

I have this album playing on repeat literally all day but there's one song that hasn't gotten a lot of love... yet. But honestly this one really hit close to home when I heard it for the first time. I feel like she's being really honest which is refreshing and speaking to a lot of issues we face as ladies. We all have fake smiles in our relationships, at work, and just on a day to day basis but she's blunt about having bad days, which I fell like we're not allowed to have bad day's or we're just "being a bitch". So not fair.

Every now and again, we've got to be boss bitches. We can't let people put us down and we have to own that we kill it and we've got the power. Rihanna says it best....

Now, I'll be real with you. There are definitely times when I need to remind myself damn girl we got this. Lots of mirror pep talks before walking out of my apartment. Buuuuuutttttttt when really need a boost, I swear to God I've sat in my car in quite a few parking lots blaring Lizzo getting ready to face the world. And let me tell you... it works. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the best pep talk song in the world.

Some times you need to remember your youth, and how nobody was more important than your girlfriends, especially not some dumb ass dudes.

Ok, I couldn't do a bad ass female playlist with Adele, and since this is the only song I can kind of sing without my voice cracking or embarrassing myself I added this to the list.

Now I talked about this song on the air last week and I couldn't believe how many people messaged me saying they had never heard Miley Cyrus' cover of Jolene and I was shocked. Honestly I think it's the best Miley has ever sounded so please enjoy! Also Miley is a boss because she literally does whatever she wants and gives no blanks. I need to learn more of that from her and not care so much about what other people think.

Two Words: St. Vincent.

I think I saw her for the first time when I was 16 or 17 and I cried. So talented, so beautiful, so smart. Her latest albums are pretty well known but I think people forget about her older stuff. Here's the first song that made me fall in love with her. She was nominated for best alternative album this year at the Grammys and won the category in 2015. Boss because she's always had her own sound and vision and she stuck with it not doing what other people told her she should do. She should inspire us to stand up for what we want.

This song by Bjork literally describes my love life. Honestly, just a fun song. Bjork is crazy. Sometimes we need to be a little bit crazy and just have fun.

Come on, you knew I wasn't going to end this list without Beyonce. Please. Total bad ass boss babe no explanation needed.

Now I have one question from you? What song makes you feel like a total boss bitch?

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