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So I did a thing when I got bored.

So I'm gonna keep this 100 with you. I got into a little bit of a rut. I didn't know what I wanted to blog. Nothing seemed fun, it was all kinds of serious and kinda sad and I wasn't feeling like posting it yet. Lets just say I'm tweaking it. But I still wanted to share with you guys because I do genuinely love blogging, because its a fun way to keep things a little more personal a little more long winded and just kind of hang out with you, ya know?

Well I've been obsessed with ASMR recently so I went on to my social media and asked for some questions to answer ASMR style. If you don't follow me on social media, do it now so you don't miss out next time!

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With that being said I hope you enjoy my ASMR podcast I am calling

ASMR You Kidding Me (honestly a good portion of why I did this in the first place was because I really liked that as a name of a podcast, sue me)

PS If you don't like ASMR, you'll hate this BUT to be fair this isn't the only type of blogs that I do so if this is the first one you've checked out I promise I don't do this all the time and you'll probably like the next thing that I post, unless it's another ASMR podcast by chance and then don't be mad at me, you just had bad luck hahaha.


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