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I am so sick of rude people.

Ok. I'm gonna vent for a second (shocking I know). 

I'm sick of getting judged by older generations due to my appearance. 

If you don't know I have facial piercings and green hair, but I'd also like to clarify that I have a full time job. Yes, it is possible.

You would not believe how many people see me and automatically assume I'm some degenerate millenial who doesn't do anything and it a detriment to society.

Not the case but I got really frustrated this weekend because we're currently remodeling our entire house to sell it. And my dad gave me one job- find the paint colors for the entire house. Trim, doors, walls, everything. 

Lets be honest, I don't really know what I"m doing but I know that I can go grab a bunch of those square samples and figure it out. But that's when I ran into what I will lovingly refer to as Toledo's Professor Umbridge. 

She doesn't even acknowledge me at first so I'm like whatever I'll just grab random colors but that was not working for Umbridge, she did not like my method so she walked over to me like I had taken her wet laundry out of the washing machine and just threw her clothes on the floor. 

She was so incredibly rude while confronting me- she didn't ask how can I help you today. She literally talked down to me like I was an idiot that didn't know the colors of the rainbow. She just said, what are you doing.

I replied with the fact that I would be painting literally my entire house which I thought would make her help me because that would be a huge sale. But nope, Umbridge didn't give no f***s . 

She was so nasty and said well what are your accent colors. As I was trying to respond, she cut me off and said carpet colors? Materials? Furniture? Leather or cloth. As I was trying to tell her the house would be empty and the carpets nuteral. She replied with what kind of neutral? 

She was trying to make me feel like I didn't know what I was doing but she was all knowing, but the problem was she was so off putting that I literally pivioted and walked out of the store.

Great job Umbridge. You lost a big sale and proved that you know more about paint than I do. I don't understand how she thought treating customers that way would be a good thing, but it's not my problem. 

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