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So I'm Single for Valentine's Day...

My name is Meaghan and I'm single on Valentines Day. 

Now here's the thing, before I even get into this you should know. I hate Valentines Day. I mean, I really despise it. 

Honestly though when you're the single friend in a group of couples Valentines day can feel...

Don't even get me started on social media, where everyone is professing their love for each other. Honestly its a day I really should just stay off Facebook and Twitter. 

But even when I'm in a relationship on Valentine's Day I HATE it. Like I don't want your gifts because you felt obligated because the calendar told you it was a day to buy me something. But then they become insecure and are all like:


and I'm all like:


and then he's all like:

Now as a little girl you imagine Valentine's day like your prince charming (AKA Nick Jonas) is going to dress up all nice, and give you the good chocolate not that cheap s#!t, and say everything to make you melt.

But let's get real for a second.

I would much rather ignore Valentines Day all together and have you do something nice for me randomly because you WANT to do something nice. I hate the fact that I got you chocolates and a mediocre gift because it's February 14th and that's what I've been told to do. It feels so forced and insincere. Guys- you should treat every day like V-Day. You see something that reminds you of her? TELL HER. You know she's having a rough day and that she really likes tea? BRING IT TO HER. Is she really stressed about her job and she feels like no one cares? LISTEN AND SUPPORT HER. Let her complain, agree with her no matter how crazy she sounds. She doesn't need a solution, she needs an ally in hatred. So Valentines Day is not a date on a schedule. It's Every. Single. Day. 

When you think about it. If a guy is just buying you something nice because its a stupid "holiday" it defeats the purpose of the day itself. Honestly future significant other- if you don't find any motivation to do something nice, then don't. I don't want fake love for the day. I'd like something that you mean.

I know what you're thinking. You just don't know love. And my response to that is:

On February 14th, when I wake up the first thing I'll say is...

And it's more than one day, a relationship is a commitment that honestly I just can't make right now. It's too much work. 

Plus at the end of the day is there a better Valentine than a best friend?

Be proud that you are independent and self reliant! You don't need anyone this Valentines Day, but remember to stay off social media and just watch Netflix. There's a bunch of good shows to binge watch. Treat yo self. 

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