How to get through the Holiday with Toxic Relatives...

How to survive being around the relatives you can't stand...

How To Get Through A Holiday With Toxic Relatives-This is the one time of year with spend a lot of time with family.

Sometimes that means hanging out with a relative or more that is toxic. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer through! Bustle has some tips on how to navigate those muddied waters.

  • Make two plans. One for before your family gathering and one for after. Think of them as prep and detox. The prep is literally figuring out how you will handle the situations that come up and the detox is just that.
  • Stay neutral. Getting in the middle only ends badly.
  • Be compassionate. Everyone has their own story and has been through their own stuff.
  • Stay for only a set amount of time.
  • Set boundaries and make them known. A great example is telling the family they can’t ask about your love life.
  • Watch the body language. Eye rolling is a dead giveaway to how you feel.
  • Keep your expectations low. No disappointment that way.

Source: Bustle

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