If you'd like to help with Hurricane Harvey relief....

While reports of historic rain and flooding in Texas unfold during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, people are wondering what they can do to help. 

Unless you live in the Houston area and have a boat or vehicle that can handle high water, the best way to pitch in is by giving money to one of the many charities that are involved with the rapid response and recovery operations that are sure to come. 

Here are some suggested charities 

The American Red Cross

One of the first on-scene at any major disaster, the Red Cross says they will be providing shelters for those people who have been displaced by the flooding and have thousands of volunteers in state to help. You can give to the relief effort here. 

Houston Food Banks

The Houston Press has compiled a list of food banks that can use your assistance: 

Houston Food Bank, Galveston County Food Bank, Corpus Christi Food Bank, Southeast Texas Food Bank,

Houston Humane Society 

They're helping those people displaced by Hurricane Harvey care and shelter people's pets in the area. You can give here. Many other area shelters in the area are doing the same including the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texas and the San Antonio Humane Society. 

One bit of warning, during relief efforts like this, thousands of fake charities can spring up around the effort. Make sure you do your due diligence in researching any charity you choose to donate money or items to. You can find a list of reputable charities at CharityWatch.org. 

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