Luke Bryan let's 88-yr-old fan touch his butt!

Luke Bryan won't let just anyone touch his butt. Matter of fact, so many fans want to he has a no touch rule at his shows. He let one terminally-ill fan break the rule though. 

Frances Stanaway got to get a good grab in before Bryan's show in Kansas City, Missouri. Crossroads Hospice Gift of a Day program got Stanaway and her son backstage to meet Luke. She was even sporting her "Shake It For Me, Luke!" custom T. 

Stanaway had the time of her life telling KSHB41 Action News, "I like the way he keeps up with his music. I like all the songs,". She then continued saying, "Oh heavens, yes [he's handsome]!"

There are a lot of jealous fans I'm sure! That's that Georgia boy kindness. Luke was a really down-to-earth and laid back guy, when I got to meet him at the Atlanta show. He really cares a lot for his fans and is humbled by his success. It's really refreshing to see!

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