How to talk to your kids about what happened last night in the UK

How To Talk With Kids About The Manchester Events-Adults are having a hard enough time processing what happened last night… so how will children take it?

It’s better coming from you. Any terrible news is. This is the hardest part of parenting, but you can do it. Here are some steps to have a talk with your kid about last night’s events.

  • Share the facts. Coming from you, it’s more comforting.
  • Limit media exposure to vivid and disturbing media. This is where those parental controls really protect your child.
  • Talk about the difference between fear and being cautious. Paint the true picture that this does not happen everywhere,
  • Share examples of goodness and continually present them to your child. Showing your child there’s good in the world will make them less fearful.
  • Take positive action as a family. Whether it’s for this tragedy or for a charity you love, lead the way for compassion and action.

Source: Psychology Today

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