Doctors viewing stress over political issues as "deeply concerning.."

Americans Are Feeling More Stressed Over The Country’s Future-Many Americans are stressing out over politics.

A new poll out this week from the American Psychological Association says people are more stressed about the political climate today than they have been in quite some time. Democrats were more likely than Republicans to say they were stressed out by the result of the November election.

The numbers break down like this:

  • 57% say the current political climate is a very or somewhat significant source of stress
  • 49% say the same about the outcome of the election
  • 72% of Democrats vs. 26% of Republicans to report the outcome of the 2016 presidential election as a significant source of stress
  • 59% of Republicans said the future of the nation was a significant source of stress for them, while the number is 76% for Democrats.

"The stress we're seeing around political issues is deeply concerning, because it's hard for Americans to get away from it," said Katherine C. Nordal, PhD, APA's executive director for professional practice . "We're surrounded by conversations, news and social media that constantly remind us of the issues that are stressing us the most."

The organization says to know your limits about taking in information. Simply unplug if you have to.Source: American Psychological Association

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