Woman shares her "trick" to finding her Breast Cancer lump early

Just three weeks ago, Haley Browning was diagnosed with breast cancer. But this young woman from the U.K. has shared the way she found her lump in hopes that it’ll help other women learn from her experience. Browning says the only way she detected her breast cancer was doing a self-exam while lying down, and not even the surgeon could even feel it when she was standing up.

Browning wrote a Facebook post about finding her lump lying down as a “call out to all women to check for lumps lying down as well as standing up.” Her post from two days ago has been shared over 100,000 times so far and has over 15,000 comments. Clearly people are listening, and that’s exactly what she is hoping for.

“Three weeks ago, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer,” the 27-year-old writes. “I could only feel the lump whilst lying down and it completely disappeared standing up. Most websites tell you to check for lumps in the shower but if I had followed this advice, the lump may have grown too large to be treatable.”

And Browning’s advice is so important because the earlier the cancer is found, the higher the chance of survival. She’s only at the beginning of her fight with the disease, but she’s hoping to help others with her story. So make sure you do your self-checks standing and lying down – it could be a life-saver.

Source: MamaMia

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