New Whisper app thread has moms sharing their regrets about becoming a parent

  • A thread on the anonymous Whisper app has parents admitting they regret having children
  • Some say their children are holding them back or that that kids were never in the cards for them
  • Others blame their failing marriage on their children, and some admit to being the worst mother 

While many parents will constantly tell you how "amazing" it is to have kids and how their life "wasn’t complete" until they made baby, there are some women out there who aren’t exactly thrilled with the whole experience.

Admitting that you regret having children is a big taboo, but thanks to a thread on the anonymous Whisper app, some parents are doing just that and the admissions can be shocking, and in some cases heartbreaking.

Confessions from parents who regret having kids include:

  • “I regret having kids, they hold me back from doing anything. Sometimes I daydream about how wonderful my life would’ve been without them.”
  • “I regret having kids more than anything. I love them but being a mom was never in my cards.”
  • “I sometimes regret having kids…when I think of what I never did because of them.”
  • “Sometimes I regret having kids. I love them to death but they are part of why my marriage is failing.”
  • “I feel terrible for admitting it but I regret having kids. I feel that I would have been happier and life would be easier if it was just me and my husband.”
  • “I regret having kids because I feel like the worst mother ever.”
  • “I regret having kids. My life has changed and now they don’t get the attention they deserve. I can barely look after myself. They have a sh*tty life and it’s our fault.”
  • “I regret having my son and often fantasize about running away. I know I’m a terrible person.”
  • “I regret having my daughter before seeing the world. I wish I could have my exact daughter in five years time.”
  • “I regret having my daughter every day of my life. She is 17 now and about to have a baby of her own. She held me back and destroyed my relationship with my husband she led me to drinking.”

Source: Whisper

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