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Kylie Jenner Announces Birth of Daughter!

You guys, I am FREAKING OUT! Like honestly we all knew that she was pregnant, this was honestly the WORST kept secret. 

Now here's the thing she posted why  she wanted to keep her pregnancy secret, and I can respect that. 

Now here's my two cents... It was absolutely none of our business to feel obligated to know every little thing about her pregnancy. She's entitled to her privacy no matter how much we obsess over her life choices. Honestly, I don't even blame her for keeping this secret because no matter what she decides to do, hundreds of thousands of people weigh in with their own thoughts and I would imagine that is so negative and overwhelming.

For Christ's sakes when she comes out with a new shade of lipstick everyone tells her how its wrong, could you imagine telling the whole world at 20 that your pregnant.

If any 20 year old would be capable finacially of having a child. It's her. She runs a multi million dollar makeup company. At 25 I'll be lucky to make a million dollars in my life. 

Plus if anyone has the support system to raise a child, it's the Kardashian Family. Say what you want, but damn do they stick together and help everyone out. Jesus Scott has messed up like a billion times and he's still a part of the family. They're all hella loyal and they are 100% there for each other. 

Well after I stopped screaming, I realized that Kylie posted a video documenting her entire video, because even though she didn't let her fans in on her pregnancy she didn't want them missing out on everything. Let me tell you, we get our first look at Chicago West as well in this little behind the scenes look at Jenner's pregnancy and honestly we're just lucky we got this!

To Kylie who will never read this:

Make no excuses, live your own life, and don't listen to the negativity.

Congrats on your baby girl!

But one more thing: TELL US THE NAME! (In your own time of course)

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