Craig Morgan: Promedica Concert Series

Promenade Park

Craig Morgan is bringing the party and adoration for country music to Downtown Toledo. Morgan makes it evident that God, Family, and his country, are his inspiration for life and his muse for writing his beloved hits. The electrifying country artist creates a lively aura with his radio classic That’s What I Love About Sunday, fan favorites International Harvester and Little Bit of Life, and the smash party anthem Redneck Yacht Club.

The well-known star differentiates from other country artists with his thick southern drawl and proud history of serving his country. A veteran of the United States Army, Morgan served for over 17 years before embarking on his music career. Putting his service and those around him first, he even teamed up with a pair of active duty Army Airborne Rangers to write the hit Sippin’ on the Simple Life, which he ended up falling in love with and adding it to his album. The admired artist also was awarded the Army’s Outstanding Civilian Service Medal, one of the highest awards to be received by a civilian from the Army. The Grand Ole' Opry Member and philanthropist has charted seventeen times on the Billboard country charts. Morgan has often stated that his objective is to inspire people. We expect this will add up to an unforgettable night of country by the riverfront.

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